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Metin Erksan – Bir intihar aka A Suicide (1975)

“Isn´t suicide an introverted desire to kill?”

The man wants to die and the woman wants to be famous. According to the man, there could not be a better plan than the woman killing him. This way the man will get his wish to die and the woman will become famous. The man tries to convince the woman: “You are my killer and my life source.” The gun finally goes off and the interrogation of the woman begins.


The man asks his wife to kill himself, and explains why it is the only way to escape from her, that he will not be able to escape the cause except for him, everything he needs. He loves his wife as mad, but over time this love has turned into a captivity, when he feels that he is not free, he intends to get rid of it and knows that the only way to do this is to kill himself. Kill me, finish everything, break all my hopes for you, save me from my captivity. It is like a kind of death before it dies.

There is something else that comes to mind at this point. A sentence in Seneca’s book which name is Epistulae morales ad Lucilium : If you do not expect anything, you will not be afraid. The man thinks that he is going to kill his hope for the get rid of the this issue. He will never afraid it if he had never hope. In the meantime, he does not neglect to throw someone a bone. Saying that she/he will become famous in this way, she/he also flourishes the ego. Those who have killed our hopes will save us from fear, thank to them, but if the ego is also a little bit puffy, by the way?

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