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Nazim Tulyakhodzayev – Veld (1987)

Two children get a present from their parents, an electronic game. Via gigantic television screens, Peter and Wendy lose themselves for days in the African “veldt” and watch with excitement as lions devour antelopes.

Meanwhile, strange things take place outside the house: An atmosphere of hostility forms in the city, and the citizens are unsettled by the materialization of ghosts and the memories of their loved ones…


Night, fog, a forest near a swamp. Two knights in armor wait anxiously for a monk to approach them. The holy man seems embarrassed to show his face, and bows his head so that he cannot be recognized (though certain features can be glimpsed). Finally he approaches the knights, hands them a loaf of bread and immediately departs. One of the knights breaks the bread in half (apparently to share it with his friend), and is horrified to discover it’s filled with human body parts. At that moment the monk turns around, and we see he has a pig’s face that begins to laugh ominously. A strange light shines in the distance. The knights seem to understand what it is, hold out their spears and race their trusty steeds toward something foreboding. The horses don’t have to strain for long, nor the knights – they crash into an electric train. The train operators stop the train and look around in the darkness. They see nothing but a graveyard and an old man visiting his son’s grave. They shrug, say that it is a strange place, and start the train. Only we, the viewers, can see that the train’s headlights are now a bloody red.

An uncertain future with a bright postapocalyptic tinge. A high rise apartment contains a family of four (Michael, Linda, and their kids – fifteen-year-old Peter and ten-year-old Wendy). The parents have been hearing animal roars coming from the childrens’ room for some days. What do they see there? They see the African wilderness, where hoofed animals, rhinoceroses, elephants and lions roam freely. It seems that it’s the lions’ roars they’ve been hearing. One of them seems to have noticed Michael and Linda (but then that’s impossible, this is just a television) and is headed in their direction. Michael and Linda flee and manage to close the door before the lion reaches them. They laugh at each other and their imagined fears, and go to bed. But Linda remarks that since the children started going into that room, it’s like they’ve been replaced – they seem lifeless and ominous. She even suggests that Peter tinkered with the machine somehow to make the it show nature programs, and that the children are up to no good.
Other stories take place at the same time. One of them is about the aforementioned old man, who grieves with his wife for their son, who died at fourteen. Then one night their son appears, helps his parents with the chores and seems to want to come live with them. But he gets very offended when they ask who he really is.
There is also a story about a man who makes clones that, according to him, people can use to vent their frustration. During the night, an army truck filled with people in hazmat suits drives around the town to capture and kill doubles, whose numbers have grown large. A story about a madhouse appears briefly.
All of this is tied together by one man – Peter, who roams the dark alleys of this strange world…

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