2001-2010ChileDocumentaryExperimentalRaoul Ruiz

Raoul Ruiz – Cofralandes, rapsodia chilena: Hoy en día AKA Chilean Rhapsody (2002)

Ruiz is no lover of documentary. But the opportunity to make an essay-film offering his ‘observations of Chile’ produced in him a mammoth work, recently shown in seven parts on Chilean television. Shooting with a digital camera, Ruiz refinds the mobility and mercuriality of his early Chilean work. But he is also able to explore anew the transmutation of reality into fiction: Chile becomes the imaginary country of Cofralandes, ‘a popular version of paradise, a folkloric paradise. In the beginning there is a song about a place where poor people can live without poverty, and they can eat everything – even the houses. The rivers are made of wine.’

This dream-Chile is shown through the eyes of three travellers, French, German and English. A camera-witness accompanies them, belonging to a Chilean narrator who rediscovers this strange country that is his birthplace. The extravagant characters, unusual situations and unreal images speak of a land where sweetness kills, and oblivion of memory rules.

1.16GB | 1:22:17 | 656×480 | avi


Language:Spanish, French
Subtitles: French hardcoded subtitles for some Spanish


  1. This is a 4-part series in 311 minutes.could you please upload other episodes if it’s possible?thank you guys for your work in this website.

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