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Sammaria Simanjuntak – Cin(T)a (2009)

Cina was a Chinese-Indonesian Christian young man who got his name ‘Cina’ (China, in English) by misunderstanding in his birth registry and is pursuing his dream to get a scholarship in an architecture faculty in Bandung, Indonesia. He was against his father’s plan for him to leave for Singapore where there’s a scholarship offer with 6 years working contract after, so he could be able to get a chance to be in the governments and to become a governor for Tapanuli, a new province of his dream.

In an architecture campus in Bandung, he met Annisa, an Indonesian Muslim actress. Annisa failed for many times in her final project on making a residence in rural area with fitness and health center in it. They met again and became close when Annisa went to a spa for having a reflexiology, and surprised to meet Cina as her therapist. Through that moment, Annisa knew a lot about Cina, about not every Chinese is rich.

Later, Cina worked for Annisa, helping her to make the model for her final project. And the two became closer. Not only involved in a vague love story, both young man and woman cultivate their backgrounds, the differences and sensitive issues about it which often cause a fight and war in Indonesia and many other places around the world—between religions and races, as well as social statuses. Must they remain as ‘best friends’ only?

1.17GB | 1h 17mn | 720×400 | mkv



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