2001-2010AsianDocumentaryJapanShinji Aoyama

Shinji Aoyama – Roji e: Nakagami Kenji no nokoshita firumu aka To the Alley – The films Kenji Nakagami left out (2001)

Kenji Nakagami one of the most notable Japanese writers of the post-war died in 1992. Is work reveals a strong connection to is homeland, Kishu: a mountainous region which connects to the pacific ocean trough a river. “To The Alley” (alternative title) is a documentary about Kenji’s life. Recurring to 16 mm images from the writer’s personal archive and adding new footages the director Aoyama travels trough the paths of the life and art of the Japanese writer.

788MB | 1:04:31 | 640×480 | avi


Subtitles:English srt


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