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Stole Popov – Gypsy Magic AKA Gipsy Magic (1997)

In a Macedonian gypsy village local man meets an Indian UNPROFOR physician whom he sees as solution to all his troubles.

The action of the movie takes place in a Gypsy settlement, and the main protagonists are the member of one large Romany family. Taip and Remzija have six children. Their source of income is the sale of the old things that they pick up from the city dump. But there also are others that have designs on the city dump so Taip gets into a conflict with Omer, the leader of a gang whose members do not hesitate to use the dagger as an argument in the quarrels. The poverty his family lives in does not prevent Taip from dreaming, dreaming of India, the ancient fatherland of Gypsies. The incidental acquaintance with Dr. Ridzu, ethnic Hindu, a member of the American contingent of UNPREDEP (United Nations Preventive Deployment) in Macedonia, gives him an idea about how to make the money he needs to buy a horse which will take his family to India. Among other things, he needs the money to buy a yellow metal bed, the years old dream of Remzija. That is how the stream of “unfortunate events” begins in the family of Taip. Dr. Ridzu signs the death certificates for the grandmother, the mother, and the sons. For the deaths Taip gets money from the social welfare funds. This way, “the dead” are condemned to life in the enclosed room of the improvised home of Taip.

2.33GB | 2 h 13 min | 777×486 | mkv


Language(s)Roma, Macedonian
Subtitles:English, Macedonian, Albanian

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