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Stole Popov – Tetoviranje AKA Tattoo (1991)

After a quarrel with his wife, a man leaves their apartment with one suitcase only. Having slept in a train station, the police legitimates him and found him suspicious. Soon he’ll find himself locked in a prison with several other, mostly innocent people. The true horror begins only then.

The story takes place in the summertime of 1989, during the time of the disappearing of the communism – the last great human conspiracy towards God. … The action in “Tattoo” develops starting from an absurd situation when the main character Ilija, who as if he has been predestined to be in conflict with the official forces which “preserve” order, after a quarrel with his wife, leaves home with the only thing he really possesses, his empty suitcase. Trying to find some peace, he goes to the railway station where he seems suspicious to a couple of policemen who – for reasons known only for them – arrest him.
In the pre-trial confinement, Ilija with some other people imprisoned the same day, is treated “a priori” as a criminal. Together, they are exposed to unbelievable drastic verbal and physical torture. Ilija, being conscience of his innocence, can’t accept being thrown into jail and expects to be acquitted, the more because his father in law is a famous lawyer. However, while the criminal charges are being brought against him, he is faced with the “fine points” of the prisoner’s life, where besides the violence of the prison guards, the prisoners are exposed to the, maybe more severe torture of other criminals.

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