Unknown – The Frozen Rose (2003)

This is a Iranian short film named “The Frozen Rose”. Its story is an excerpt from the movie Khodahafez Rafik meaning Goodbye my Friend (2003) which includes three mini stories. This story is about a young girl named Rukkayah and her deep desire to see her father again who had already been martyred on the frontlines during the Iran-Iraq war (1980-1988). We see at the beginning that when the train which carries Iranian soldiers stops, this little girl is the only one who stands in the same position until the other children move away after having sold their flowers to the soldiers. Every morning she cuts flowers and offers them to the soldier who will be martyred without taking their worth in return. The end of this movie is very powerful and moving. In essence, the whole story relies on the fact that Rukkayah hasn’t accepted that her father has passed away 2 years ago.

The director created effectively a melancholic atmosphere in this short film. Besides, the actors are stunning, and especially the little girl!!!

These soldiers represent the ugliness of the war as all soldiers, and this little girl, like all children, represents purity, the beauty of life and love. These soldiers want to show their respect towards a being who is “superior” from every war and soldier. The film is intense and powerful, and the down-toned colors and brilliant cinematography complement the unreal part of the narrative.

54.6MB | 18 min 6 s | 640×356 | mkv


Subtitles:English hard

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  1. This must be the most beautiful and sensitive short I’ve seen uo to date.
    Do you have the other 2 parts also, would be wonderful!?

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