1951-1960AdventureChinaChinese cinema under MaoDramaXu Tao

Xu Tao – People of the Grasslands aka People on the Steppe aka People on the Prairie (1953)

‘This movie was adapted according to the homonymy fiction by Malaqinfu. There was a pair of lovers in a big plain, shepherdess Sarengewa and hunter Sangbu. They were dear to each other, worked arduously, and built their pleasant life with their hands. Secret agent Baolu did something bad, and persuade Sarengewa’s father Baiyire to retreat from Huzhu group, Baiyire refused him understandingly. Then Baolu thought up another trick: he cut the rope of the livestock balustrade under the cover of storm, frightened livestock escaped all around. Sarengewa hurt in order to rescue livestock, and was in risk, Sangbu rescued her, Sarengewa injected medicament into injured livestock. So that made them recover health. Meanwhile, Baolu poisoned the well to poison sheep group, which Baolu made others believe was done by Sarengewa. In annual Nadamu convention, Baolu lighted a fire to do bad with other secret agents and were found by Sarengewa and Sangbu, these black sheep were brought to justice eventually by the court.’

poor source, poor subtitles, you know what to expect…

1.27GB | 1h 31mn | 733×576 | mkv


Subtitles:English, Chinese

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