1961-1970AsianDramaJapanKazuo Ikehiro

Kazuo Ikehiro – Hitori okami AKA Lone Wolf Isazo (1968)

Isazo (Ichikawa Raizo), often called ‘The Ripper’, is a living legend in the world of the Yakuza. Known for his swordsmanship and bravery, but also for his polite manners, and a gifted talent in gambling. One late fall, while staying at an inn near Fukushima, Isazo befriends a young boy whose mother turns out to be his old love Yoshino, with whom he was unable to marry due to the class differences between them.

1.03GB | 1 h 23 min | 855×364 | mkv


Subtitles:English (muxed)

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