1961-1970AsianClassicsJapanKô Nakahira

Kô Nakahira – Getsuyôbi no Yuka AKA Only On Mondays (1964)

Directed by Ko Nakahira. With Mariko Kaga, Akira Nakao, Takeshi Kato. Yuka is a “good-time girl” from Yokohama who is persuaded by her papa to sleep with a foreign business executive so that he can close an important deal. Nakahira presents a shrewdly observed portrait of a modern, sexually assertive woman—an unsettling character for a changing but still patriarchal society. 93 min. – MoMA note: this film played under the title of Monday Girl for the MoMA’s Japanese film retrospective in 2005

781MB | 1h 37mn | 640×272 | avi



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