1991-2000AnimationGermanyMichael SchaackThriller

Michael Schaack – Felidae [+Extras] (1994)

Francis, a tomcat, and his “can opener,” a writer of pulp romances, move into a new neighborhood, where a feline serial killer appears to be on the loose.

Gifted with an inquisitive temperament beyond that of the typical house cat, he befriends a battle-scarred and foul-mouthed tom by the name of Bluebeard, who shares the belief of the other cats in the neighborhood that the bloody murders are the work of a human. Francis thinks that the evidence points to another cat, and sets out to sniff out the culprit.

SPECIAL FEATURES (in German, no English subtitles)
Behind the scenes – Hinter den Kulissen von Felidae – die Trickcompany
Commentary track with Director Michael Schaack and Assistant director Veit Vollmer

Behind the scenes:

1.37GB | 1 h 18 min | 1013×548 | mkv


Language:German, English (official dub)
Subtitles:English, German

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  1. The author of the book “Felidae” turned out to be a really evil right-wing populist and therefore I would never read or watch anything that has its origin in him.

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