Nobuhiko Obayashi – Nerawareta gakuen AKA School in the Crosshairs (1981)

Based on the juvenile sci-fi novel by Taku Mayumura. An ordinary high school girl finds that she has ESP power.
Merit Health Enacted (Pharmacist pill Bo-decorated) with a special Super Power, it will not only arbitrary mobile objects, but also to foresee the future! Day, a mysterious well-to-school suddenly, strangely, the whole school students are attracted to her!
She became president of the students, then the school patrol organizations to control the activities of teachers and students. Day, and she is determined to a duel, but well-behind the original by the fiendish manipulation son, the day the supertheroes save the campus?

1.37GB | 1:29:14 | 800×448 | avi

Subtitles:English .str

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