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Raoul Ruiz – Cofralandes, cuarta parte: Evocaciones y valses (2002)

This is the fourth in a series of seven projected video essays (four of which were completed) that Ruiz was commissioned to make in 2002-2003 for use among Chilean community organizations and broadcast on public television. Cofralandes, the head-title for each of the segments of Ruiz’s series, is taken from a song by Violeta Parra where it evokes the “land of milk and honey,” the “land of Cockayne,” the “green world” imagined by Gonzalo in The Tempest.

The Cofralandes series presents a challenge even for a sophisticated audience prepared to engage with a certain density of materials — here a blending of French intellectual with Chilean popular traditions. This should not scandalize us if we remember that ours is a culture that is made of just this kind of hybridization, transplantation and syncretism. Ruiz plays with it all as he presents a panorama of memories and nostalgia to us while practically neutralizing it through irony and repetition as though he is seeking to annul the entire emotional burden that his playful narrative nebulously suggests.

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