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Robert Mullan – We Will Sing aka Mes Dainuosime (2015)

A group of protesters, from all around Lithuania, gather at the Television Tower to protect it from approaching Soviet tanks and paratroopers.

WE WILL SING is an ambitious low budget Lithuanian independent film which depicts the defense of the Lithuanian people for independence against the Soviet troops in 1991. Focusing on a group of people including students,parents, an elderly couple and a priest, they travel to the Television Tower in Vilnius and join other protesters against the Soviet troops who are trying to take control of the communications(under the orders of Gorbachev). The film skillfully combines the personal stories of these individuals with the crowd of unarmed singing protesters against the tanks and troops. There is clever use of authentic archive footage interwoven into the narrative and with the powerful use of music and song, the film builds to a moving and emotional climax. All the performances of this ensemble cast are excellent, and considering the restricted budget, director Robert Mullan’s staging of the conflict, which resulted in 14 deaths and countless wounded,is impressively mounted. WE WILL SING was given it’s UK premiere at the 24th Chichester Internation Film Festival in August, and it won the Audience Award for Best Low Budget Independent Film
— gibsonrogeruk (IMDb).

1.09GB | 1h 30mn | 1026×456 | mkv


Subtitles:English (muxed)

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