1981-1990JapanMysterySci-FiToshio Masuda

Toshio Masuda – Shuto shôshitsu AKA Tokyo Blackout (1987)

Based on a science-fiction novel by Sakyo Komatsu. Tokyo is suddenly covered by a dome shaped electromagnetic cloud for an unknown reason and is totally blocked and isolated from other parts of the world. The temperature inside the cloud is slowly increasing. The Soviet Pacific fleet is getting closer. The U.S. is forcing Japan to form a new government. Scientists and research workers outside Tokyo have to race against time to find out how to get through the cloud in order to rescue the 12,000,000+ lives in Tokyo and the fate of the country.

1.36GB | 1 h 59 min | 640×480 | mkv


Language:Japanese, English (little bit)


  1. I tried to download this, but Nitroflare dumped it because it hadn’t been accessed enough. Any chance you could re-load this one?


    Of course, I’d love subs as well…

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