Various – Questa è la vita AKA Of Life and Love (1954)

Movie in 4 episodes, taken from as many short stories by Luigi Pirandello.

1) “La giara”: in order to repair the jar of quarrelsome Don Lolò, zi ‘Dima remains locked inside it;

2) “Il ventaglino”: an unwed mother spends the first money received in charity to buy a fan;

3) “La patente”: a jinx requires that he be officially recognized, with a licence, his ability to bring bad luck;

4) “Marsina stretta”: the anger for a too tight tailcoat induces a best man to make celebrate a wedding that the groom’s rich parents were trying to avoid.

It is one of the first films in episodes of post-war Italian cinema (the first was a masterpiece: Rossellini’s Paisan!), along with Altri tempi (1952) and Tempi nostri (1954) by Blasetti, a trend that was cultivated especially in the ’60s, and that here has the cultural guarantee of Pirandello’s source.
The best of the 4 sketches is “La patente”, and not only for the presence of Totò: to the screenplay gave his contribution Vitaliano Brancati, as well as for “Il ventaglino” M. Soldati had the comfort of Giorgio Bassani.
“La giara” was revived, expanded, by the Taviani brothers in Kaos.

1.31GB | 1 h 36 min | 741×556 | mkv


Subtitles:English, Italian (muxed)

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