Drama2001-2010DocumentarySerbia and MontenegroZelimir Zilnik

Zelimir Zilnik – Kenedi se vraca kuci AKA Kenedi Goes Back Home (2003)

The film is about the deportation of Romany people from Germany to Serbia and describes the problems in a country suffering not only from the war period but also strongly discriminates its Romany population. The Romany belong to a refugee population being deported from Germany at the present. These procedures affect even refugees born in Germany who have never been to Serbia before.
This is a story of Yugoslavs who left the country in war and spent over ten years in Western Europe as refugees or in asylum. In the second half of the year 2002 European Union sent many of these people back to Serbia and Montenegro together with their families, believing that there were no more reasons for their stay. Procedures for their return were usually very strict. Families would be gathered during the night, transported to the airport and sent to Belgrade on the first flight. To make things more dramatic, the majority of children born in some of the Western European countries speak and write the other language better than the mother tongue. As they sold everything they owned when they were leaving the country, they are facing a situation where normal life is practically impossible.

900MB | 1:14:43 | 640 x 480 | avi


Language:Romany (plus some German, Serbian dialog)
Subtitles:English (non-removable)

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