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Zelimir Zilnik – Tito po drugi put medju srbima AKA Tito Among the Serbs for the Second Time (1993)

A man dressed in Marshal Tito’s uniform appears and, instantly, groups of people flock around him. In this film, Žilnik brings the former Yugoslav leader back to the streets of Belgrade to see how his people are now living without him. Tito’s double wanders around the city and procures remarkable reactions as people come up to speak to him, feeling the need to articulate their destinies to him. Žilnik collects statements from a cross-section of Yugoslav society, revealing its attitudes toward the past and the current government.

In the dark political climate of the 1990s in Serbia, Žilnik approached the prominent critical and oppositional radio station B92 and suggested they should also start producing movies. They said they had no budget, but could spare 300 DM. Žilnik and his cameraman, Miodrag Miloševic, assembled a small crew (nearly all voluntary), found the actor Micko Ljubicic to play the role of Tito, and made the film in two six-hour shoots. On the first evening, they were confronted by police for being in the way of traffic, and the director and cameraman were arrested. But then “Tito” came to pick them up at the station, and the policemen let them go, saluting Tito as they left. This film was extremely popular and many thousands of copies sold. It was also shown on local television, as well as in Austria, Germany, the Netherlands, and even Japan.

Žilnik and his crew used the funds from it to make Marble Ass a year later, a film that also deals with wartime Serbia and was produced by B92.

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