Akio Jissôji – Utamaro: Yume to shiriseba AKA Utamaro’s world (1977)

ClarkeFountain-AllMovieGuide wrote:
Utamaro was an artist who lived in Edo (which was later to become modern-day Tokyo) in the late 18th century. This film, which has a complex and wide-ranging storyline, recreates the world of that time, as it appeared in Utamaro’s paintings. In one the many scenes captured by the story, Utamaro watches the goings-on in a brothel while hidden in its attic.

2.26GB | 2 h 19 min | 851×460 | mkv



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  1. Pastrami Overlord

    My apologies – latest version of winrar works perfectly!

  2. Pastrami Overlord

    Thanks very much for your hard work Worlds Cinema!

    Is anyone else having trouble expanding the rar files? I keep getting a ‘not a rar archive’ error. Thanks for the help!

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