1971-1980Claude LelouchCrimeDramaFrance

Claude Lelouch – La Bonne Année AKA Happy New Year (1973)

At the end of 1972, con artist and thief Simon receives a remission to celebrate the New Year outside La Santé Prison. While heading to his apartment in Paris to meet his mistress Françoise, Simon notices that a car is chasing his cab. In the apartment, Simon leans that Françoise has a lover and he leaves the place without being noticed. Simon recalls the Christmas of 1966, when he travels out-season to Cannes with his partner and friend Charlot to heist the jewellers Van Cleef and Arpels. While plotting a scheme to rob the jewellers, Simon meets the intellectual antique dealer Françoise whose shop is the next-door neighbor of the target and he falls in love with her. But his scheme does not work as planned and Simon is arrested.

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Subtitles:English (Muxed)

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  1. Some things about the film I rather liked:

    1. Every Lelouch film has at least one cool car…in this, the Mercedes 600 (which he also uses in other films) is a rather nice example.

    2. The dinner scene with the “intellectual types”…the dialogue is priceless.

    3. This can be classified as a “heist-film”…the heist is elaborate and relatively non-violent, and as you mentioned, Ventura’s performance as the wealthy old gent is a must-see.

    4. Charles Gerard…what a mug! It appears that he has spent most of his career under Lelouch with the character name “Charlot”…great character actor.

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