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Herbert Vesely – Das Brot der frühen Jahre (1962)

Based on the novel of the same title by Heinrich Böll.

The young electrician Walter Fendrich has started a promising career. Everything seems to be on the right track. As the future husband of his employer’s daughter Walter even can hope to once succeed him as head of the company. All of a sudden, the visit of a girl from his home town, whom he last saw seven years ago, changes his entire life. Walter realizes that his entire life so far has been all wrong. He breaks out of his former “reasonable“ life and gives up and the wonderful security of the affluent society. He simply disapperas without a farewell or explanation… The Bread of those Early Years expresses the concepts of concern to German intellectuals in the early sixties: criticism of the petrified conditions in the society of the economic miracle and the search for new forms of expression, life and thought. Vesely’s film is an attempt not only to describe such a search as Walter Fendrich gradually becomes conscious of his life, but it is a search in itself.

One of the first feature-length films of the “New German Cinema”, Herbert Vesely’s Das Brot der frühen Jahre, made in 1961, was envisioned to be a German variation on Alain Resnais’ ast Year at Marienbad, complete with disorienting visual imagery and an open story structure that refused narrative closure and left many questions unanswered. In contrast to films produced in a studio system, like the classic Hollywood or Ufa films that were made under the control of studio executives, New German Cinema was entirely director-driven. New German directors saw themselves as “authors” who should have complete creative control over their projects.

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