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José Luis Sáenz de Heredia & Luis Buñuel – ¿Quién me quiere a mí? AKA Who Loves Me? (1936)

The singer Marta Velez decides to retire to make-up her marriage. Her husband, a vividor, tries to cheat her a large sum of money. Unable to get it, he thinks of a plan to kidnap his daughter and that the mother pay a ransom.

Initially, he was employed by Paramount to dub films at their Paris base, but in 1934, the year of his marriage to Jeanne Rucar after some eight years of courtship, he moved to Madrid, where he worked for Warner Brothers as supervisor of their dubbing operations. Ten months later he was invited by Ricardo Urgoiti, a producer of commercial films, to work as a producer for his company, Filmofono, and in this capacity produced a total of eighteen films in two years, including four which he directed himself: Don Quintm, the Embittered One (Don Quintm el Amargao), The Daughter of Juan Simon (La hija de Juan Simon), Who Loves Me? QQuien me quiere a mi?) and Sentinel, On Guard! {jCentinela alerta!). In spite of the fact that the quality of these films was not high, they provided Bunuel with useful practical experience, and he might well have gone on to produce much better work – future projects included his adaptation of Wuthering Heights – were it not for the outbreak of the Spanish Civil War in July 1936.

Bunuel’s presence at Filmofono attracted promising and talented people to the studio and could have provided a quality foundation for a Spanish film industry. Four films were made with Bunuel’s collaboration. All were of a minimal artistic level but one, ¿Quién me quiere a mí? (Who Loves Me?), which Bunuel helped Jose Luis Saenz de Heredia direct. It was, when released in 1936, still one of the few Spanish films about divorce.

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