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Juliusz Machulski – Kiler (1997)

Being in the wrong place at the wrong time can get a person into trouble, so can being framed for a crime one did not commit. “Kiler,” one of Juliusz Machulski’s best comedies, is a story about a taxi driver that is set up. The taxi driver is named Jurek Kiler (Czeary Pazura) and is blamed for the slayings committed by an assassin. The police do not believe the taxi driver, with the last name Kiler, is not the Killer they were searching for and imprison him. Jurek uses the tough reputation of the infamous killer, along with a lot of dumb luck, to his advantage in gaining the respect of the other prisoners. As if things are not bad enough, a mobster frees Jurek from prison. In return for the favor, the mobster wants Jurek to kill a politician. Jurek doesn’t want to kill anyone but his new friend doesn’t fool around. With the help of a TV reporter, Jurek Kiler tries to untangle himself from the mess. How Jurek has to use his wits to get free makes an interesting story. Furthermore, it realty looks like Kiler has a lot of fun pretending to be the famed hit man. “Kiler” is top rate because it has a complex story and stars several of the best Polish actors. To name just a few, it has Jerzy Stuhr, Marek Kondrat and Katarzyna Figura. Furthermore, Czeary Pazura, who has starred in many of the best Polish comedies in the last 20 years, plays Jurek Kiler. Pazura is a fine actor that can be hilarious as well as serious. Without a doubt, the actors make this movie funny.

1.85GB | 1 h 47 min | 774×484 | mkv



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