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Konrad Wolf – Mama, ich lebe AKA Mama, I’m Alive (1977)

Four young Germans in a Soviet POW camp decide to join the Red Army to hasten the end of the war. Their new identities elicit different reactions from Germans and Russians and are difficult to live up to when they are sent behind German lines.
A POW camp in the Soviet Union. Four young Germans exchange their uniforms to fight alongside the former enemy for a quicker end to the war. In Soviet uniform they drive with their caregiver on the train to the front. The fellow traveler does not hide long that they are German. It is not easy for them to cope with the new identity. In the camp they were referred to by some comrades as traitors. The behavior of the Soviet soldiers towards them is different. Some are uncertain, others consider them as equals. Arriving at the front, they have to decide whether to take an order behind the German lines. One stays behind. The others go to the forest to prepare for the partisan fight, and suddenly encounter downed German airmen. They are not capable of shooting at the Germans; her caretaker Kolja costs her life. His death causes great concern to them. In the meantime, the retarded German and the Soviet radio operator Svetlana have fallen in love. She holds to him, although he is criticized by some Russians. Finally, he decides to use.

Film text: Mom, I live. A screenplay by Wolfgang Kohlhaase. In film and television 1977/5.

(Source: The Second Life of the Film City Babelsberg, DEFA Feature Films 1946-1992)

1.63GB | 1 h 39 min | 960×576 | mkv


Subtitles:English, French, German, Portuguese, Russian, Lithuanian, Spanish

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