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Lamberto Bava – Body Puzzle (1992)

When a psychopath (François Montagut, DANGEROUS LIAISONS) butchers the proprietor of a candy shop, Detective Mike Livet (Tomas Arana, THE LAST TEMPTATION OF CHRIST) assumes that the killer made off with the victim’s as a souvenir. When the ear winds up in the refrigerator of newly widowed Tracy Grant (Joanna Pacula, THE KISS), Livet suspects that the grisly gift may have something to do with the death of her husband Abe (whose corpse was disinterred from its grave the same night). When a woman is butchered in a shopping mall bathroom and a severed hand winds up on Tracy’s doorstep, Livet looks into Abe’s shady past and discovers sex, drugs, and a stalker who did not take Abe’s nuptials all too well. After a third victim turns up and Tracy receives an even grislier present, Mike discovers that the absconded internal organs (taken in addition to the external souvenirs) were donated from Abe’s corpse and that someone is trying to piece the dead man back together, and that there are more victims to come.

2.54GB | 1 h 38 min | 1024×556 | mkv


Subtitles:English (muxed)

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