1971-1980ArthouseBrazilDramaLeon Hirszman

Leon Hirszman – São Bernardo [+Extras] (1971)

In the interior of Alagoas, the son of peasants Paulo Honório, is a peddler who wanders through the midlands negociating all sorts of things, from cow to religious artifacts. He grows an obsession: to take the São Bernardo farm from the hands of its inept owner, the indebted Luiz Padilha, making him his employee.

Interviews with Caetano Veloso (composer), Eduardo Escorel (editor), Lauro Escorel (cinematographer), Nildo Parente (actor) and Othon Bastos (actor).
Restauration Process, showing before and after comparisons
São Bernardo trailer
2 photo galleries

1.21GB | 1:54:16 | 640×384 | avi


Subtitles:Portuguese, English, Spanish and French (srt) for the film and extras

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