1991-2000Larry WilliamsLeslie LibmanSci-FiTVUSA

Leslie Libman & Larry Williams – Brave New World (1998)

In the future, humanity has been genetically engineered into four classes, ranging from the decision-making Alphas to the worker class Drones. The notion of individual relationships is outdated and people are encouraged to seek pleasure with anybody else. The use of the drug Soma, which provides instant happiness, is widespread. Bernard Marx is a rising publicity man with the Department of Hatcheries and Conditioning. He and his companion Lenina Crowne fly over the Savage Reservations where people who were born by natural means live outside of civilisation, but their helicopter crashes. One of the Savages, John Cooper, saves them from an attacking mob. Fascinated by John, they bring him back to the city where he becomes an object of curiosity by the sensation-starved populace. However, John also comes to challenge their beliefs about the society they live in.

1.70GB | 1 h 30 min | 760×576 | mkv


Subtitles:English (muxed)

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  1. Thanks. This is another one that had become rather scarce — though not as scarce as the ~ 1980 mini-series version with Bud Cort. That said, I think neither of them would be found all that faithful to Huxley’s source novel, as certain story elements remain verboten for inclusion in mass media.

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