Lucas Belvaux – Cavale AKA On the Run [Trilogy No. 1] (2002)

In The Trilogy, three different but parallel stories unfold revealing the lives of a husband and wife, a policeman and his drug-addicted wife, and a prison escapee and his friends. The characters wander in and out of three films where we see them switch from leading men and women to supporting actors. The three films, all of different genres (the first is a thriller, the second a comedy and the third a melodrama), provide the same action from different angles and perspectives. Each film can be appreciated on its own, but together they form a cohesive whole allowing the viewer to gain a deeper understanding of the characters. Although it is reminiscent of Kurosawa’s Rashomon and Balzac’s novels, Lucas Belvaux’s project is unprecedented.

Part.1 In this noir-thriller, Bruno, an extreme-left revolutionary, has escaped from prison and contacts his former accomplice Jeanne, now a teacher and a mother, in order to restart his political activities. However, the police are on his tracks and for Pascal, the capture of Bruno would help him regain his credibility. While on the hunt for Bruno, Pascal also has to care for his drug-addicted wife Agnès. In her search for drugs, Agnès stumbles on Bruno. He trades her drugs for a hide-out in a mountain chalet owned by Agnès’ friend Cécile.

704MB | 1:49:08 | 576×304 | avi

Subtitles:English, Dutch; Vobsubs

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