Lucas Belvaux – Un Couple Épatant AKA An Amazing Couple [Trilogy No. 2] (2002)

In The Trilogy, three different but parallel stories unfold revealing the lives of a husband and wife, a policeman and his drug-addicted wife, and a prison escapee and his friends. The characters wander in and out of three films where we see them switch from leading men and women to supporting actors. The three films, all of different genres (the first is a thriller, the second a comedy and the third a melodrama), provide the same action from different angles and perspectives. Each film can be appreciated on its own, but together they form a cohesive whole allowing the viewer to gain a deeper understanding of the characters. Although it is reminiscent of Kurosawa’s Rashomon and Balzac’s novels, Lucas Belvaux’s project is unprecedented.

Part.2 Alain has just learned that he has to have routine surgery. A hypochondriac, he is convinced that he will die, and in order not to alarm his wife Cécile he tells her a series of lies. Cécile is still madly in love with her husband, and puzzled by his behavior, she hires Pascal, a detective married to her friend Agnès, to track Alain. Alain’s lies about his operation and Cécile’s secret investigation lead to mounting misunderstandings between them and to Alain’s belief that all his friends and family are set against him.

708MB | 1:33:30 | 592×320 | avi

Subtitles:English, Dutch; Vobsubs

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