1931-1940Claude Autant-LaraDramaFranceMaurice Lehmann

Maurice Lehmann & Claude Autant-Lara – Le ruisseau AKA The Stream (1938)

Denise, a young orphan girl who has escaped from a convent, believes that her misfortunes have ended when she meets Paul , a young naval officer upon whose ship she has stowed away. Paul, initially seeks to take advantage of her naivety to seduce her before changing his mind and sending her to live with his mother who works in a cabaret while he returns to sea. But the habits of the girl will push her to the brink of prostitution…Already known for his roles in The Bitch and Atalanta , Michel Simon is remarkable in the skin of a declassé count. With acerbic social criticism, Ruisseau finely denounces the poverty and the condition of women of the time making their living in cabarets or on the street.
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1.90GB | 1 h 41 min | 789×576 | mkv


Subtitles:English srt (muxed in)


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