1971-1980CanadaDocumentaryPierre Perrault

Pierre Perrault – Le pays de la terre sans arbre ou Le mouchouânipi AKA The Land without Trees (1980)

It is a documentary joining 3 periods of filming in the Mouchouanipi, which is a faraway land in the North of eastern Canada. Anthropologists, archeologists and native people all together in this «land without trees». They are hunting the caribous, using the old ways of the native people. This expedition leads to sharing experiences, points of view and expectations about the survival of the Natives way of life.

The result, contradictory yet profound, was especially striking thanks to the sublime images captured by Gosselin. A tail of age old hunting practices on images from the present, the movie reveals itself much more like an interrogation than a narration.

Who is veritably the “owner” of this territory named Mouchouânipi where a nomad tribe of Amerindians repeat daily ritual gestures of attachment and love to the land in an harmony filled secular poetry of respect and solidarity witch bound them to the land.

1.39GB | 1h 50mn | 640×480 | mkv




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