Sang-soo Hong – Gangbyeon hotel AKA Hotel by the River (2018)

It is the dead of winter and a poet invites his sons to join him at a hotel for a reunion. The hotel also hosts a newly single woman who has a friend keep her company and with whom she shares a room, strolls and conversations. The poet is drawn to the beautiful girls and cannot resist the temptation to discover more. Their lives intersect, connect and disconnect and potentially become a metaphor for modern life.

0.98GB | 1 h 35 min | 1280×720 | mkv


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  1. Can anyone else not download this? I keep getting stuck at the captcha. Any help appreciated, thanks.

  2. Thx for posting films worldwide because I find middle eastern films to be good but its so hard to find. Thx for posting with Eng Subs so amazing!

  3. english subs now available.

  4. Good job, this was THE ONE to upload right now because it isn’t available anywhere and it’s been a year already. It’s unacceptable having to go to film festivals away from your area as the only way to get a particular film.
    Waiting for the subs as well, thank you!

  5. Thank you, now i’ll wait for the subs

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