1971-1980CrimeDramaUSSRZagid Sabitov

Zagid Sabitov – Beregis, zmey! AKA Beware, Snakes! (1979)

featuring Andrey Tarkovsky in the script.

An experienced detective managed to unravel a difficult matter, while exposing the criminals and perpetrators of the crime. Not far from the village there is an ancient fortress, called Kara-Tahir. It is the abode of silence, all kinds of secrets, and many snakes. No one disturbs her peace, except for one person, Mirzaev’s serpent. But it is there, in the fortress of Kara-Tahr, the thread of the crime.

The morning settlement is alarmed by rumors: in the coastal reeds the corpse of the director of the local school Grigoriev was found. And the chain of riddles begins, as befits a detective. The plot quickly accumulates new, ominous details. In the evening, in the dusk, the fortress seems even more dangerous. A young man and a girl walk along its dungeons, lighting a wall with a flashlight – they want to uncover the secret themselves…

1.38GB | 2 h 4 min | 640×304 | avi



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