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Bigas Luna – Huevos de oro AKA Golden Balls (1993)

Directed by acclaimed Spanish filmmaker Jose Juan Bigas Luna, HUEVOS DE ORO (GOLDEN BALLS) stars Javier Bardem in his breakthrough role (for which he also received a Goya Award nomination). In this satire of Latin machismo and the excesses of the 1980s, Bardem plays Benito Gonzalez, who dreams of building a mighty skyscraper and thereby securing fame and wealth for himself. His main advantages are his uncontrollable self-assurance and skills as a lothario. He marries the daughter of a rich banker while keeping a mistress on the side, but his betrayal of both women begin to destroy his plans for the building as well as his chauvinist self-confidence. Bigas Luna brings his trademarks–an honest exploration of sexuality and surrealistic imagery–to this tale of male egotism and its undoing.

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  1. Damn ! — it’s like you were reading my mind: had been looking for this, without success.

    Just recently saw his “The Ages of Lulu”, which you featured 10 days ago, and which I’d heard of but never seen.
    Did you know that Luna is one of several notable and important directors of whose works Netflix now does not even stock a single title ?! That’s a great shame of our time. This filmmaker (who passed in 2013) definitely had the Verhoeven-level of “balls” that far exceed anything you’re going to find in the Almodovar catalog. And my recollection is that G.B. was one of his better films.

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