Bigas Luna – Las edades de Lulú aka The Ages Of Lulu (1990)

Never one to shy away from touchy subject matter, Bigas Luna seems determined to become to Spain what Russ Meyer is to America and Tinto Brass is to Italy. One of his most explicit works to date, The Ages of Lulu (Les edades de Lulú) begins like a fairly standard knockoff of 9 1/2 Weeks but swerves into far more dangerous waters that could only be explored in Europe. Sweet little Lulu (Live Flesh’s Francesca Neri) discovers her sexual awakening at the hands of older, self-absorbed Pablo (Óscar Ladoire), who makes her acquaintance by shaving her nether regions (“…so you’ll look prettier”). Naturally they become a couple and experiment with various kinky situations, such as a blindfolded threesome with her brother. Lulu also becomes friends with a transvestite prostitute, Ely (played by female María Barranco with an added latex appendage), who joins them in the sack as well. Soon Lulu decides she’s tired of being a sex object and goes off on her own. “Men enjoy looking at lesbians, so why can’t I enjoy gays?” she ponders as she saunters into a local boy bar, where she hands over some cash to one male couple (including a young Javier Bardem) and frolics with them in a back room. Things turn much, much nastier, however, with a grueling finale that can only be described as what might happen if David Lynch directed William Friedkin’s S&M shocker Cruising.

2.22GB | 1 h 40 min | 1024×552 | mkv


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