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Claude Lanzmann – Pourquoi Israël AKA Israel, Why [+Extras] (1973)

Using interviews and other footage shot especially for this documentary, French director Claude Lanzmann investigates the state of Israel in 1972. This movie concentrates on Israelis going about their business of everyday living. One interview shows the reactions of a concentration camp survivor, now a police chief, to being called a “Nazi” by demonstrators. Another segment follows the experiences of a Russian Jewish immigrant, beginning with his first visit to the Wailing Wall and continuing to his disturbing perception that he is welcomed more by virtue of his being Russian than for the fact that he is Jewish.

Lanzmann’s 1973 film, Pourquoi Israel (Why Israel), linked Jewish identity in Israel to the recent history of the Holocaust. It premiered three days after the Yom Kippur War broke out in Israel. During the making of this film, Lanzmann met his wife, a German-Jewish writer to whom the film is dedicated.

extra rencontre avec claude lanzmann (2006) (43:25)
organised by the ‘mémorial de la shoah

3.26GB | 2 h 11 min | 640×352 | avi


Language:English, French
Subtitles:english for french parts & french for english parts (sub, idx)

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