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Claude Zidi – Les ripoux AKA My New Partner (1984)

Inspector René Boirond has been policing a crime-ridden neighbourhood of Paris for over twenty years. In that time, he has learned that the best way to do his job is to turn a blind eye to most of the petty criminality that surrounds him and adopt a live and let live approach to dealing with crooks, pimps and other lowlife. Of course, the backhanders he receives by way of recompense is always a welcome supplement to his meagre salary. René’s mutually advantageous system is suddenly placed in jeopardy when François Lesbuche, a young and enthusiastic cop straight out of police school, is assigned to work with him.

An idealist who has yet to appreciate the difficulties of modern policing, François has none of his superior’s laissez-faire tolerance and instead intends enforcing the law wherever and whenever he can. For René, this spells disaster. The last thing he wants is to put at risk the friendly relations it has taken him so long to establish with the district’s criminal fraternity. With the help of Simone, an ageing hooker, and Natacha, a seductive call girl, the wily inspector sets out to make a dishonest cop of François.

The transformation turns out to be more spectacular than René had hoped. Not only does François look different, his whole behaviour and moral outlook have changed, and he is soon trying to rope his partner into a criminal exploit that René would once have considered too risky, even for a corrupt cop like him. If the exploit comes off successfully, René and François will be able to give up their jobs and live in comfortable retirement for the rest of their lives. If it fails, they could both end up in prison. René decides the risk is worth taking…

— James Travers.

2.87GB | 1h 46m | 962×576 | mkv

Subtitles:English, Spanish, Dutch, Czech, Hungarian, Polish, Romanian, Russian (muxed)


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