1991-2000Dario ArgentoGialloItalyThriller

Dario Argento – Trauma (1993)

Plot Synopsis:
While driving home one day, David, a graphic designer and recovering addict, sees a young girl on the edge of a bridge, possibly about to jump to her death. He rescues the girl, named Aura, who is also an addict and an anorexic. The two are suddenly separated, though, when Aura is reunited with her oddball parents. That night, Aura’s mom is holding a séance, which is interrupted by “The Headhunter” — a serial killer who beheads victims with an electric cutting wire.

With no one else to turn to, Aura reunites with David, fearful that she will be the Headhunter’s next victim. Aura also needs protection from some suspicious medical professionals and their malicious attempts to “cure” her. Now, David and Aura try to piece together clues to the killer’s identity, all while hiding out from the authorities and dealing with their own personal demons.

4.37GB | 1h 51mn | 1280×544 | mkv



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