Ingmar Bergman – Backanterna aka Bacchae (1993)

Bergman’s staging of an opera based on the last great play of the Greek dramatist, Euripides.

This was a TV version of the staged opera from 1991, a transposition of Euripides’s classical drama written for an amphitheatre into a performance designed for the most intimate of stages, the TV screen. ‘The whole production was suffused with the total professional knowledge of a master from the first image to the last. A Greek TV drama of world class’ [Hela uppsättningen genomströmmades från första bilden till den sista av den totala yrkeskunskapen hos en mästare. Ett grekiskt TV drama av världsklass], wrote one reviewer (Kaplan). Bergman’s imagery and composer Börtz’s music reinforced each other, and their work was, according to critic Leif Aare, ‘not an opera so much as an optimal interpretation of Euripides’s drama’ [inte en opera så mycket som en optimal tolkning av E’s drama]. Another critic (Lundberg) felt, however, that Bergman’s TV version of The Bacchae was closer to his own cinematography of the 1950s than to classical Greek drama.
-Birgitta Steene, Ingmar Bergman, A Reference Guide.

“It is easy to see why Bergman, who has always been concerned with the intermingling of psychological and metaphysical issues, has felt attracted to this ritual drama, the impact of which is clearly sensed in his films Evening of the Jesters and The Face, even more strongly, in his television play The Ritual. Already in 1960, he declared that “Art lost its basic creative drive the moment it was separated from worship”. He has often described himself as someone whose creativity emanates from the tension between subconscious drives, often expressed in the form of dreams, and a rational sense of order, a tension that is at the heart of Euripides’ play with its conflict between ratio and instinct, between the Apollonian and Dionysian principles.”
-Bergman’s Muses by Egil Tornqvist

1.47GB | 2h 15mn | 384×288 | mkv

Subtitles:Swedish hardcoded

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    Necesitaria tan solo los subtitulos, tengo el fim pero no los subtitulos en Sueco. Los necesito si me los podrian dar se los agradeceria eternamente. UN ABRAZO

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