1971-1980EroticaFranceHorrorJean Rollin

Jean Rollin – La nuit des traquées aka The Night of the Hunted (1980)

A woman is taken to a mysterious clinic whose patients have a mental disorder in which their memories and identities are disintegrating as a result of a strange environmental accident.

When producer Andre Samarcq proposed that Rollin shoot yet another hardcore feature for him, Rollin countered with an offer to shoot a “real movie” for the same amount of money, quickly writing this script and filming it over nine days. Although compromised by budget and schedule limitations, this is one of Rollin’s most interesting films, reminiscent of early Cronenberg (especially the experimental features Stereo and Crimes of the Future) with its depiction of a group of people suffering from a mysterious sickness which is gradually destroying their capacity to remember, and eventually to think and function in any way. The central role of Elisabeth provides Brigitte Lahaie with her most substantial part of the many she played for Rollin, and her performance as a woman conscious that she is gradually losing not simply her memory, but her entire identity is subtle and moving. Given Rollin’s repeated use of memory as a key theme in many of his films, there’s something particularly disturbing about its obliteration here and the film’s climactic echoes of the Holocaust and its final tentative, fragile intimation of the survival of human feeling even when the mind and personality are lost, provides one of the most affecting moments in all his work. (Extras include a brief introduction and two very short interview clips with Rollin, plus a couple of short softcore sex scenes he shot to boost the film’s commercial appeal; when the movie proved a financial failure, the producer shot and inserted some hardcore scenes against Rollin’s wishes, pushing the ambitious project back into the porn ghetto the director had been trying to escape.)
— kgeorge (Cagey Films).

2.22GB | 1h 31mn | 962×576 | mkv


Subtitles:English (muxed)

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