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José Luis Marquès – Fuckland (2000)

From All Movie Guide:
In this offbeat comedy-drama, a man from Argentina (Fabian Stratas) with a curiously strong patriotic streak decides it’s high time someone from his country did something about the Falkland Islands, the British-controlled territory that was claimed by Argentina during a brief and ill-starred conflict during the 1980s. The man launches his own private campaign against the British by visiting the Falklands and romancing a woman from England (Camilla Heaney), with the intention of getting her pregnant and abandoning her later on. Fuckland (the title comes from the leading man’s nickname for the islands) was shot on digital video following the austere guidelines of the Dogma 95 movement; the film features only seven professional actors, who improvised their scenes with local residents, who were not always aware that they were taking part in the production of a feature film. Actress Camilla Heaney also was not told of Fabian Stratas’ motivations for their romance before their scenes were shot. The film was shown at the 2000 London Film Festival and the 2001 Sundance Film Festival. (Mark Deming)

971MB | 1h 22mn | 692×402 | avi


Language:Spanish, English
Subtitles:hardcoded in English only for the parts in Spanish


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