Kenji Mizoguchi & Seiichi Ina – Asahi wa kagayaku AKA The Rising Sun is Shining [Reedited version] (1929)

Partially lost film. Exactly it is said only 1/4 are extant.

Original story is like the following (translated from the accompanying booklet):

After finishing university, Hayafusa (Eiji Nakano) and Kusaka (Hiroyoshi Murata) enter Osaka Asahi Shimbun Co. Akizuki (Heitarô Hirai), the president of some company, who is from the same province with them, does not pleased of their entrance because he dislikes newspaper, however, his daughter Asako (Ranko Sawa) prays their future successes. At the office of Shinzaki (Shin Minobe), that are located at the same building with Akizuki, dubious foreigners have frequented, Hayafusa and Kusaka can obtain Shinzaki’s encrypted telegram with the help of elevator operator Kurie (Takako Irie). When Aurora, steamship round the world meets with a disaster off the coast of Sumoto, they goes there as reporters. Shinzaki also hurries to go there for the foreigners on board. Akizuki also goes there with Asako, worriying about bis son. Sufferers are saved by the Hayafusa and Kusaka’s efforts, and at the same time Shinzaki’s smuggling are exposed. He escapes by motorboat with kidnapping Asako, to whom he has a feel of love. Kusaka’s motorboat follows them and Hayasaka’s airplane also chases. Then Asako is saved. Now the stubborn Kôhei knows the power of newspaper, and Hayasaka marries with Asako.

This print is a reedited version as a documentary about newspaper. No fictional scenes are extant, except for Hayafusa and Kusaka are collecting newspaper materials.

339MB | 25:09.371 | 712×534 | avi

Language:Silent, Japanese intertitles

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