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Mariano Llinás – La flor (2018)

First part of the three that make up “La flor”. It consists of a prologue (the presentation of the film by the director) and two episodes. In the first, a mummy releases a curse in an excavation in a province in the interior of Argentina. In the second, a couple of pop singers meet to play after many years, while a woman injects scorpion venom for mysterious purposes.

6.23GB | 3 h 23 min | 824×464 | mkv




    1. Hello

      Could you please upload it again, if it was the full version? It was deleted. It will be much appreciated.

      Or was it just subtitles?

      Thanks anyway.

    1. If anyone finds some, please post! I’ve been trying to finishing watching all of Cinema Scope’s top ten of 2018, and La Flor and “What You Gonna Do When the World’s on Fire?” are the only two remaining…

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