Mark Donskoy – Serdtse materi AKA A Mother’s Heart (1965) (slightly corrected): The formative years of Bolshevist leader Vladimir Ulyanov (aka Lenin) provides the basis of this Russian biopic that begins the a provincial town of Simbirsk in the late 19th-century (1884-1890) where a widow contends with her six socially-conscious and politically active children. Her husband had also been a staunch supporter of peasant rights. Her eldest daughter and son are studying in the university and trouble ensues when they are arrested for conspiring to murder the czar. Because the son refuses to deny his desire to kill the czar, he is executed. The daughter is then exiled and the widow moves her family to remain close to her. The youngest boy, Vladimir, was terribly impressed by his older brother’s heroism and vows to follow his footsteps. He becomes a lawyer and sets up a practice near his mother, but in his heart, Vladimir wants to be in the thick of things in Moscow. The mother gives in and sends the rest of the children to the great city. She and Lenin then take off on a crusade across the entire country.

The film was followed by the sequel, Верность матери/Vernost Materi/A Mother’s Devotion in 1967. Elena Fadeyeva plays the beloved mother of Lenin (Rodion Nakhapetov). She raises six children after the death of her husband, sacrificing her own needs for those of her offspring. The story takes place between 1900 and 1917, stopping just before the October revolution led by the heroic Lenin, and is one of literally hundreds of Soviet films about Lenin — with an emphasis on the devotion of his sainted mother being the main theme.

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