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Rami Imam – Hassan wa Morcus AKA Hassan and Marcus (2008)

When the lives of Sheikh Mahmoud, a Muslim preacher (played by Omar Sharif), and Boulos, a Christian priest (played by Adel Emam), are threatened by religious extremists on both sides, the Egyptian government inducts them into a witness protection program that requires them to disguise themselves as the Christian Marcus and the Muslim Sheikh Hassan, in a reversal of their religious identities. When they unwittingly move into the same building, a friendship blossoms that must, along with a romance between their respective children, withstand the difficulties of prejudice and social persecution. The film addresses issues of religious extremism, intolerance and sectarian violence, and emphasizes the possibility of friendship and love between members of different religions.

Being the long awaited first collaboration between Adel Emam and Omar Sharif, arguably the most powerful actors in Egyptian cinema and the Middle East in general, Hassan and Marcus was a much-anticipated summer 2008 blockbuster. However, its message proved so controversial that Facebook groups sporting Adel Emam’s picture in Coptic Christian garb called for a boycott of his movies, and the resulting emotional distress is reported to have prompted Imam to move from his home in Cairo to a summer house in Porto Marina, a resort on Egypt’s North Coast. Emam, Sharif and other collaborators on the film have vehemently defended its content and criticized many conservatives and religious extremists who consider it blasphemous.

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