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Samba Félix NDiaye – Trésors des poubelles aka Treasures from the trash (1989)

Samba Félix NDiaye was born on the 6th of March 1945 in Dakar. As an adolescent he developed a passion for cinema and ran his school’s Film Club. He studied law and economy at the University of Dakar, but his passion for cinema remained steadfast. He then went on to study film theory at the University of Paris VIII while attending more practical courses at the Louis Lumière School. Concurrent to his film studies, he took courses in ethno-psychiatry at the École des hautes études and also directed his first short film, Pérantal, in 1974. This marked the first leg of the career of a filmmaker who has been shaped by reality and the depictering of a world to which he then dedicates his cinematographic know-how.

Trésors des poubelles (Treasures from Trash), which has been aired on Arte, Canal+ and abroad on several occasions, leaves us in awe by showing how craftsmen can create art using very simple materials. This, of course, leads us think of the “documentary craftsman” who is able to make great films by using a few raw images taken from real life.

699MB | 1h 04m | 592×448 | avi

Language:almost wordless
Subtitles:a few french hardsubs,English

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