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Teuvo Puro – Noidan kirot AKA The Curses of the Witch (1927)

A customized rip of this 1927 silent classic from the Suomi-Filmi studio. Often referred to as the first Finnish horror film, though the 1923 historical drama made at the same studio, Rautakylän vanha parooni (“The Old Baron of Rautakylä”), can also be classified as Gothic horror. What is more, the horror elements in The Curses of the Witch are few and far between, but all the more effective for that: the interposed image of a raving Lapp witch, the ominous owl foreboding the nerve-wracking and fateful boat ride, and the strange furry demon that appears on the hero’s bedside after it are as unforgettable as anything the best of Swedish or Danish horror films of the time had to offer. It’s just too bad the film doesn’t sustain the same level throughout and a lot of its (rather short) running time is used on picturesque landscape shots and waiting for something to happen, but it’s still a film worth checking out for an aficionado of Scandinavian silent cinema and/or silent horror films.

1.62GB | 1 h 29 min | 765×574 | mkv


Language:Finnish and Swedish intertitles

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