Various – Lian hua jiao xiang qu AKA Symphony of Lianhua (1937)

“The Lianhua Film Company became the leading progressive studio of the 1930s. Symphony of Lianhua 1937 is a rarely seen showcase of short films by eight directors, many of whom later worked in Hong Kong. Cai Chusheng’s Five Little Brothers is an early cinematic exploration of children’s lives and Zhu Shilin’s contribution is one of the first Chinese horror films. Other films range from comedy to social realism. Fei Mu’s evocation of a young girl’s dreams parallels German Expressionist explorations and is his only surviving short film — only four of his films are still in existence, although he made almost 20. Fei Mu went on to direct Springtime in a Small Town 1948, a masterpiece of psychological cinema considered one of the greatest Chinese films of all time, then moved to Hong Kong in 1949. In Si-Tu Huimin’s Two Mao, a portrait of the disparity between rich and poor in Shanghai, Jiang Qing (later, Mao’s wife) plays a small part. She later had the film withdrawn from circulation as she did not wish people to know she had acted in Shanghai before the war.”

01. Nightmares in Spring Chamber (Fei Mu, 1937)

02. Rhapsody of a Madman (Sun Yu, 1937)

03. Landscape in the Moonlight (He Mengfu, 1937)

04. Two Chiao (Si-Tu Huimin, 1937)

05. Three Friends (Fu Shen, 1937)

06. The Stranger (Tan Youliu, 1937)

07. The Ghost (Zhu Shilin, 1937)

08. Five Little Brothers (Cai Chusheng, 1937)

1.17GB | 1 h 40 min | 656×416 | avi



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