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Andrzej Wajda – Wszystko na sprzedaz AKA Everything For Sale (1969) (HD)

The disappearance of the leading actor from a film’s set worries its director Andrzej. He embarks on a journey to search for him, accompanied by a young actor, the missing actor’s wife, and his mistress.

Andrzej Wajda’s film from 1969 is an homage to his friend Zbigniew Cybulski, who died tragically. It’s probably the most famous Polish ‘film about film’.

When confronted with Wajda’s other works, the film can be surprising, because Canal’s director usually concentrated on how human fate is tangled in history and rarely started any self-referencing cogitation on the medium of film itself. One could say that Wajda made a calculating film, since it was a trend in Western cinema in the 1960s, symbolized by the famous 8 ½. Even though inspiration from Fellini’s film is obvious, the Polish director’s self-portrait is very personal and multi-layered.

Most of all, Everything for Sale is an homage to Zbigniew Cybulski. His tragic death in 1967 touched Wajda deeply and was the direct impulse for creating the film. The director regretted he couldn’t fully explore the actor’s potential and didn’t give him another role as important as his from Ashes and Diamonds.

Everything for Sale was supposed to be an expression of nostalgia, a story about Cybulski, but – what’s important – without Cybulski. Wajda decided he wouldn’t make a documentary filled with archival materials, but a feature, only referencing the deceased actor. The protagonists of the story are a crew looking for a lost actor, who, as it turns out, died in a train accident. As Cybulski, this star was a deeply contradictory person, a genius, but a habitual liar at the same time. How can one trespass the aura of mystery that surrounded the actor? What was real and what was only a legend? The ‘investigation’ led by the crew does not give any satisfactory answers, and borders between the facts and the myths seem fluent and unclear. Just as in Zbigniew Cybulski’s case.

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Subtitles:English, Japanese

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